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Well folks, this is probably the last news item for NutmegUK. A new site is coming, bigger, better (I hope) and less parochial: Cultureclash music! Most of the content from this site will be transferred over to the new one, and there'll be plenty of reviews, an expanded band index and opportunities to contribute your own material to the site. So if I can throw together a design that isn't too crappy, it'll be going up shortly. Hope to see you there!


27th June 2001

Trulio, Skindred, Senser, Living Colour, HR, Powerball, Fishbone

Are those enough names to get your attention? First off, Trulio Disgracias (the funk supergroup comprising members of just about every funky band on the West Coast, but revolving around lynchpin Norwood from Fishbone) are planning a 10 date tour in the US. This time around they should be taking in some East Coast dates. Check the Ofishal Fishbone site for more info. Still with the 'Bone, several new tracks have been recorded and the band are pretty darn enthusiastic about them, thankyou very much. Reportedly they're moving in a heavier direction, though whether they'll get past Hollywood Records' censors and cultural arbiters is anyone's guess.
HR, frontman to Bad Brains and now it's new incarnation Soul Brains has a new album in the can, shortly to appear on Fishbone's Nuttsanctified Records. Also due on that label is an LP from Florida's Powerball, due late summer 2001. I haven't heard their music, but I understand they're a force to be reckoned with.
British rap-rockers Senser have their new website up and running. has all the latest news on the reforming of the band in its original line-up from the early nineties. Check them out, they're superb.
For all you Dub War fans jonesing for a dose of ragga-metal mayhem(TM), the good news is that three quarters of DW have returned as Skindred. They've just signed to RCA Records and started recording a full-length debut for the label. Their new website has a lot of info and some samples of what is to come.
Finally Living Colour, who reformed at Christmas for a one-off gig, are playing some dates in California. Check here for more info. No definite news on the Jack Johnson/Fishbone/Living Colour/Soul Brains tour just yet. I'll keep you posted.

14th March 2001


Still no news on the postponed Fishbone UK tour (but you can nurse your disappointment by checking out Ozomatli and the Pilfers live in the mean time though!). There's also news that the 'Bone will be appearing in skate mag Truckstop and will also appear on a Truckstop special CD with all new, non-Disney-bowdlerised material. The CD will also feature music by long time friends Powerball.

Also, from our rumour department: you may be aware that hip-hop genius Mos Def has really taken the Black Rock issue to heart, forming the Black Rock supergroup Jack Johnson. Mos Def on vocals, Bernie "P-Funk" Worrell on keys, Doug Wimbush (Sugar Hill, Tack>>Head, Living Colour, Rolling Stones) on bass, Wil Calhoun (Living Colour) on drums and Dr Know of hardcore legends Bad Brains (now called Soul Brains) on guitars. Rumour has it that the plans are now for a Black Rock legends tour featuring Jack Johnson, a resurrected Living Colour, Fishbone and Soul Brains. Everyone is apparently on board for this, and once all the musicians' current tour commitments are out of the way, the planning for it will begin in earnest. Yes. I know. Cross your fingers. I'm starting saving for a trans-atlantic plane ticket right now...

20th February 2001


Yes, I know. I wanted to go too. Alas on Wednesday of last week Norwood contacted the Nuttwork Neighbourhood to tell us that the UK tour has been postponed till March. No reasons were given, but he seemed to give the impression that it wasn't the band's decision. Get ready for the spring folks!

5th December 2000


What? No, I mean Angelo Moore's spoken word album The Yin Yang Thang, available now from Asianman Records. And for all the latest news from Angelo's wild poetic alter ego, go to

28th November 2000

Joi hooks up with Lucy Pearl

Atlanta-based alternative soul diva Joi Gilliam is now the lead vocalist of organic R&B crew Lucy Pearl, replacing former En Vogue member Dawn Robinson. Joi has an amazing voice and isn't afraid to defy R&B mainstream rules (her album The Amoeba Cleansing Syndrome featured Fishbone as backing musicians, and swung from funk to rock to Latin a capella vocalising). Reportedly Joi also has an album in the pipeline on Universal records. She's had her fair share of rough treatment by the narrow minded musical powers that be: I hope she gets her chance to strut her funky stuff.

5th November 2000

Site News

Sorry there hasn't been much in the way of updates recently. I'm planning a bit of an update to the site. Hopefully there'll be some new stuff posted to the band index quite soon...

22nd September 2000

Public Enemy Rocks!

Chuck D and Professor Griff of Public Enemy have a new project: Confrontation Camp. Three rappers, guitar, bass, drums and turntables coalesce into a rap-rock hybrid, though unlike most of the current crop of rap-rock bands their message is one of liberation and emancipation. "Rage Against the Machine meets The Roots" it says here. Chuck D's also on his soap box about the music industry's treatment of black rock bands: "We still don't like the way people treated groups like Living Colour, 24-7 SPYZ, Fishbone, or any other black led band. It's almost easier to categorize a multi-ethnic group as R&B, blues or rap, but not rock." You tell 'em. Objects In The Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear will be released in the US on the 8th August 2000.

18th July 2000

Miscellaneous News

Corey Glover is now part of a new band called Vice. The band have a live album out on mp3 on the EMusic website.
Rumour (and it is just rumour right now) has it that the hold-up with the new P-Funk albums is due to the fact that representatives for the Disney-owned Mammoth label were unhappy that the new releases featured a very organic, seventies feel rather than a synthetic, modern R&B feel, and brought in a producer without George Clinton's knowledge to make changes. Which versions will ever see release is currently unknown. Never trust the Mouse, they say. Maybe they're right.

4th July 2000

Senser reform!!!

I was trawling the web for information about the British rap-rock band Senser, when I found a page by the band's electronic wizard Haggis, which informed me that the members of the classic, Stacked Up-era lineup intend to reform and make more records!! This is fantastic news, because Stacked Up is one of the finest albums of the 1990's. I wish them all the best and hope to see them soon!

22nd May 2000

New Fishbone album - BUY IT

Black Rock Coalition appeals for bands

The Black Rock Coalition is looking for new music by new artists and bands to be included in several new releases for Black Rock Coalition Records. The new compilations will be for sale via the web as well as through the BRC and other distribution outlets. Bands and artists who believe they are truly on the cutting edge of something new should send 3 completed recordings ready for master (on DAT or CD) along with a picture, bio, return address and a contact number and person to:

Black Rock Coalition Records
P.O. Box 1054 Cooper Station
New York, NY 10276

All music sent will be listened to.

"The BRC is a Not-For-Profit organization and relies on yearly dues paid by its members to afford the cost of operation, the monthly newsletter, and the special panels, clinics and events we sponsor. Therefore, although it is not required upon submission that you or your band be a member of the organization, if you are selected you will be asked to register with the BRC for membership."
If you've already got music on the web please email your information to:

For more information on previous BRC releases visit:

21st February 2000

UDS call it quits

Dutch hip-hop rock pioneers Urban Dance Squad are no more. A news item on their official site reads as follows:

"STOP - urban dance squad - STOP - 13 years - STOP - 1600 concerts - STOP- 5 studio albums - STOP - 118 songs - STOP - bank stock 6 zeros - STOP -STOP - STOP. PS: we wish to thank all of you fans out there for your warm support. You really have been the biggest part of the magic we experienced."

If you're interested in the history (and indeed the future) of crossover music, get yourself some Urban Dance Squad. They were making classy, streetwise hip-hop rock crossover when Fred Durst was in diapers.

7th February 2000

February: Weapon of Choice & Nuttstalk

LA nutmeg funk collective Weapon of Choice will be playing at the House of Blues, LA with Hepcat on Feb 7th. The lineup for the band will include not only Lonnie "Mega*nutt" Marshall, but also Fish (of Fishbone fame) on drums, Brewster (The Untouchables, Fishbone) on keys and old school members Mark, Audra, Jellybean, T-Bone and Davie.
The nutmeg touring festival, Nuttstalk, is on its way this month too. Bands will include Fishbone, Trulio Disgracias, Vicky Calhoun, Blowfly, members of Weapon of Choice and possibly also Weapon of Choice themselves, among others. Sounds great. Any chance of a Nuttstalk Europe? ;-)

2nd February 2000

New Fishbone album almost here!!

Promo copies of the new Fishbone album have been arriving on people's doormats recently. They don't include all the official release's tracks, but here's a run down of the tracks and what people have been saying about them:

Shakey Ground - a p-funk style track (w/Donny Osmond, Bronx Style Bob, Ivan Neville, Chad Smith, Flea, Billy Bass Nelson, John Frusciante, Jeff Skunk Baxter, Walt Fowler, Bruce Fowler, Albert Wing, Lenny Castro, Jim Cox). The track also appears on the soundtrack to the film "Playin' it to the Bone".

Suffering - a soulful reggae track (w/John Robinson, John McKnight, Lenny Castro, Walt Fowler, Bruce Fowler, Albert Wing)

Where'd You Get Those Pants? - ska-pop incorporating some of "I'm a Weed Plant" (w/John Robinson, Tony Maiden, Lenny Castro, Walt Fowler, Bruce Fowler, Albert Wing)

Everybody is a Star - reworking of the Sly Stone track (w/Gwen Stefani, George Clinton, Rick James, Perry Farrell, Abe Laberial Jr, Patrick Warren, Walt Fowler, Bruce Fowler, Albert Wing, Lil Hadyn, Lenny Castro)

One Planet People - ska/worldbeat (w/ Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, Bronx Style Bob, HR, Charles Neville, Abe Laborial Jr, Lenny Castro, Walt Fowler, Bruce Fowler, Albert Wing)

Just Allow - ska (w/Dion Murdock)

Aids & Armageddon - funk/reggae (w/John Robinson, Dion Murdock, David Baerwald, Lenny Castro, Walt Fowler)

It All Kept Startin' - ska (w/Perry Farrell, Abe Laborial Jr, Lenny Castro)

Dear God - dark & moody (w/Abe Laborial Jr, Lenny Castro, Billy Bass Nelson)

Karma Tsunami - punk/ska (w/Lenny Castro)

No sign of Les Claypool or any of the other artists rumoured to be appearing. I hope I get to hear it myself fairly soon!

18th January 2000

David Ryan Harris returns

David Ryan Harris, former frontman with black rockers Follow For Now has officially left Columbia records due to (surprise surprise) lack of commitment from the label. His brilliant first solo album, it seems, received support from only a handful of people at Sony, and Harris has left to form a new band, a trio by the name of Brand New Immortals. Consisting of DRH on guitar, vocals and programming, Ken Cresswell on drums/percussion and Jon Colt of the Black Crowes on bass, the band is a "basic recipe [of] equal parts Bjork, Stevie Wonder, Hendrix, Radiohead, and the Beatles with salt to taste." Recording now, there'll probably be an EP released by them at the end of February.

14th January 2000

Dub War reform

The members of ragga-metal lunatics Dub War have reformed as Skindred, although this time with a new bassist. Live reports are promising, and they may well be touring with Slipknot, One Minute Silence or Limp Bizkit. Jeff and Ginge's side project, Tribal Clash, will soon see the light of day via the Welsh punk label Words of Warning.

11th January 2000

New Millennium, New Head Fake

Jungle Funk, the project consisting of former Living Colour members Will Calhoun and Doug Wimbush, is no more. They've parted company with vocalist/percussionist Vinx, and have teamed up with former bandmate Corey Glover to form Head Fake. Reportedly an "eclectic mix of psycho-funk", the project's first release will be a live recording of their New Year's Eve gig. Whether this will affect Corey's plans to release his own work, I don't yet know.

4th January 2000 (Happy New Year!)

Time to get Freaky

Freak Juice, the band formerly known as Civil Rite release their debut album Juicemaker on December 4th. Musicians Tori Ruffin, Jai Dillon and Satnam Ramgotra have between them worked with Me'Shell Ndegeocello, Dionne Farris, The Time, Michael Jackson, Dave Wakeling, Alanis Morisette, Michael Landau, The Raging Honkies, Steve Vai, Boxing Gandhis, Mike Keneally and Kevin Gilbert. If their previous incarnation as Civil Rite is anything to go by, Freak Juice will be at the vanguard of black rock music in the 21st century.

If you're interested in picking up a copy of the album, send US$10.00 plus US$5.00 shipping and handling, to:

Rite House Entertainment
Suite 206
6440 Bellingham Ave.
North Hollywood, CA.

25th November 1999

Trulio Disgracias returns to the stage

The Nutmeg funk collective Trulio Disgracias will appear on stage for the first time in two years when they play a gig on 30th November at the Roxy in W. Hollywood, California. Although the lineup constantly shifts around nutmeg lynchpin Norwood Fisher, it is expected to include all members of Fishbone and Weapon of Choice; drummer D.H. of the Dead Kennedys; current and former members of Parliament and P-Funk Allstars; Prince from Black Eyed Peas and the legendary HR from Soul Brains (formerly Bad Brains). It will also include the Skeletones' horn section, singers Vicky Calhoun, Durga McBroom and Terrez Lee, and percussionist Ravi. Looks like it might be a show that rivals the golden days of P-Funk for sheer weight of on-stage numbers!

16th November 1999

Fishbone update

The new Fishbone album will now no longer be called Fishbone & Friends. The boys have opted for the slightly less snappy title of Fishbone and the Familyhood Nextperience presents the Psychotic Friends Nuttwerx. Release date has been put back to March 21st 2000. U-Nutted We Stand, the compilation, is on hold, while the Trulio Disgracias and Dirty Walt albums are still looking for a viable distributor.

2nd November 1999

Nutmeg needs you!

There are a number of bands that I'm interested in tracking down. Their websites remain untended (or offline) and no information seems to be forthcoming. If you have any info on them, please get in touch with me. The artists are:

Dust Junkys

12th September 1999

Corey leaves Laface?

Corey Glover appears to have parted company with Laface records just as the new album was about to be released. The news is just rumours at the moment, but it looks as though the usual lack of label committment seems to be the cause. Hopefully Corey will be able to take the album elsewhere. There is also a likelihood that the album will be released online a la Public Enemy before it's released on conventional music formats.

12th September 1999

1999 brings a plethora of Fishbone related goodies

Fishbone's long-awaited new album is due out in late 1999. Reportedly entitled Fishbone and Friends it will include a large number of guest appearances (Gwen Stefani has been confirmed, as has Les Claypool), and will be released on Hollywood Records. Also due for release in late 1999 is a two-volume compilation album called U-Nutted We Stand, via the band's own Nuttsactor 5 Records. Bassist extraordinaire Norwood's funk supergroup Trulio Disgracias will release their debut album Nuttin's Gonna Get You if You Don't Look Out on Transmission Records, while Dirty Walt and the Columbus Sanitations are set to release their debut To Put it Bluntly on Nuttsactor 5 Records sometime in '99.

Vocalist, saxophonist and renaissance man Angelo Moore will also publish his second volume of poetry later this year.

25th June 1999

L.A.'s finest recording together?

Los Angeles-based salsa-hip-hop stars Ozomatli have reportedly been working with Trulio Disgracias. Whether these sessions will appear on any forthcoming release by either band is as yet unknown.

May 1999

Disclaimer: Although much of the information presented here comes straight from the artists' mouths, don't take it as cast iron truth. It's the nature of the music business that new projects can fold at the drop of a hat due to lack of funding or schedule difficulties. Sorry to be a wet blanket, but I don't want to see you disappointed!

If you have any news you think might be of interest to the Nutmeg world at large, give me a shout.