Nut*meg (nutt-meg). Noun
Music that isn't hindered by barriers of genre or race. A huge melting pot with any number of ingredients.

Jimi Hendrix played nut*meg music. So do the Beastie Boys, Living Colour, Skunk Anansie and The Prodigy. Anything that traverses the racial divisions between different styles of music, that's nut*meg. Black rock, alternative funk, mixtures of hip-hop, reggae, ska, punk - whatever.

When bands like Weapon of Choice and Fishbone (the principal exponents of this music) call themselves Nut*meg, it means that they refuse to fit within the categories that the music industry has assigned them, bogged down in demographics and marketing hogwash. Music labels still think in terms of "Black Music" , "White Music", "Rock", "R'n'B". Nut*meg brings you a welcome alternative. The medium, as they say, is the message.

Nut*meg the website exists because I believe that message isn't getting across. So this site is devoted to publicising and celebrating the bands that flick the v's at racism and the music industry's inability to catch on. I decided to set up this site because many of the bands that briefly flirted with fame in the early nineties funk-metal fad have had to go underground. They have to publicize themselves primarily through word of mouth and fanzine write-ups. Few of them deserve to languish in this way. There are other bands with the same "everything but the kitchen sink" creative attitudes that have come onto the scene in recent years (particularly in the UK and Europe); they need our support too.

Primarily, this is an information service: letting folks in the US in on the European bands that they might not have heard of, and helping to publicize the US bands over here. Spreading the message of the musical melange is what it's all about.

So, if you know of a band that you'd call nut*meg, let me know. Likewise, if you like the site, and you agree with the view that this kind of music should get a fair deal, feel free to add the site to your links. I'll be happy to reciprocate.




Last updated 26/8/98