Cool Non-Musical Links

Drinking Establishments

The Bless. The Blessington Carriage, Derby, is my local. Ask Martin the DJ nicely and he might play some Fishbone!


Culture Jammers Headquarters. Sick of admen messing with your head? Try these guys.


Chris Morris. A site dedicated to the media prankster responsible for some of the funniest things ever broadcast.

Another Chris Morris site.

The Father Ted Homepage. A web site for the excellent Irish sitcom.

Adam & Joe's Homepage. Two unemployed lads from London who make funnier programmes on a few thousand pounds than corporations with a budget of millions. They deserve their own channel. South Park kicks ass!


Fortean Times Online. The Fortean Times is the best magazine on bizarre happenings you'll find. Well balanced, rartional, cool.

The Schwa Corporation. ACT NOW! The Schwa Corporation is our last chance to fight the alien invaders! Bill Barker's mind-blowing art and imagery.


The Clangers Web Site. Yes! Those cute woolly whistling space-rodents have their own official page. There are pictures of all your fave characters, and even the shocking revelation that some of that whistling translates as swearing!

Just Plain Silly

Afrosquad. Yo! Stick it to the Man in the company of these classy dudes.



Last updated 27/8/98