Band Links

Black Rock Coalition homepage.

Boomshot's FUNKYAZZMUSIC-Black Rock & Roll. Covers a number of bands.

WFNK. A regularly updated site for all your funky needs.

MUSE. A site that's dedicated to a number of unorthodox funky divas, including Joi, Me'Shell Ndegeocello and Betty Davis.

Asian Dub Foundation

Please see the Asian Dub Foundation entry in the NutmegUK Band Index.

Audioweb is the home of Manchester's exponents of dub, ragga and alternative crossover. Unfortunately this link appears to be dead. Anyone got any news of the band?

Beastie Boys

Beastie Boys. Need I say more?

Brand New Immortals

BNI homepage New band featuring David Ryan Harris (Follow For Now, David Ryan Harris) and Jon Colt of the Black Crowes.


All the Bullyrag pages I had links for no longer exist.

Dub War

Please see the Dub War entry in the NutmegUK Band Index.

Dust Junkys

Dust Junkys Home Page. Home to Manchester's rap-rock scoundrels. Like the Audioweb one, this link looks to be dead too. Did Polydor UK do a Stalinesque purge of all its Manchester based crossover bands?

Los Fabulosos Cadillacs

Los Fabulosos Cadillacs. If the thought of Latin-influenced 2-Tone intrigues you, you might like to check out this Argentinian group.


FFF@FFF. The French Funksters' home site.


Please see the Fishbone entry in the NutmegUK Band Index.

Freakjuice (Formerly Civil Rite)

Los Angeles Music Access: Freakjuice. Tory Ruffin's new outfit looks set to turn some heads.

Junkie XL

Please see the Junkie XL entry in the NutmegUK Band Index.


One Nation P-Funk Page. Semi-Official site covering Bootsy, the All-Stars and more.

The Motherpage has probably the best p-funk discography on the Web. Check it out.

P-Funk Cosmology. Bit of a bizarre one this: a scholarly exposition of the metaphysics of the Funk in its purest form.


Official Pilfers site. A great blend of punk and ragga.

Go here to listen to the latest Pilfers sounds:

Screaming Headless Torsos

Screaming Headless Torsos. Home of Dave Fiuczynski's funk-rock experimentalists.


Ultimate Records: Senser. Another dead link. Anyone heard from Senser or Ultimate Records??


Slapbak Home Page. Independent new-generation funksters. They're excellent, and they need your support. Check 'em out.

24-7 SPYZ

What Are Records? The SPYZ may now be defunct, but here's a chance to see that they went out on a high.

Urban Dance Squad

UDS Official home page.

The Raft. You can also follow this link to sites for the Chemical Brothers and Whale.

Weapon of Choice

Loosegroove Records. Stone Gossard's label is home to the L.A. groove collective. Join the revolution here!



Last updated 11/1/2000